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Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” Holds Opening Ceremony at

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At 9:30 on June 7th, 2017, the opening ceremony for the 4th Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” was held grandly at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Nearly 400 members of the Youth Forum from Russian and China in total have attended the opening ceremony, initiating cultural exchange as well as economic seminar.



Mr. Xie Ping, the deputy director-general of Education Department of Anhui Province presided the opening ceremony. Firstly of all, guests at the opening ceremony watched the advertising video called Splendid Anhui together. Then, the secretary of USTC, Mr. Xu Wu, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of USTC. He made a special mention, “The Mathematical Analysis Problem Book written by Professor B. P. Demidovich in Moscow State University is an “old friend” of those in USTC, having accompanied students for generations throughout nearly 60 years.” In 2013, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited USTC and was hired as the emeritus professor of USTC. In 2016, USTC officially joined the “Sino-Russian Alliance of Universities along the Yangtze River-the Volga”.

The representative of the Russian government expressed his thanks for all organizers in his speech and mentioned that the Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” had already become an excellent tradition of both sides. It has laid a foundation for friendship and cooperation between China and Russia for a future dozen years when young friends get together and understand each other. 

   Mr. Zhang Yuefeng, the secretary of Anhui Provincial Education Committee emphasized in his speech that Anhui was making full use of advantages of the significant node “The Belt and Road Initiative” to make new breakthroughs in building a new highland of inland opening up.


Student representatives from Russian and China stated they cherished this opportunity for culture exchange and friendship building.

   After the speech, Secretary Xu Wu, representatives of the Russian government and the secretary of Anhui Provincial Education Committee Zhang Yuefeng touched the crystal ball together, declaring that the 4th Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” was officially started. 


The Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” is an important part of the strategic cooperation between China and Russia and a significant carrier to promote the Sino-Russian relationship and maintain a high level development. This Forum plays an important role in promoting the superior construction of “Double First-rate” and scientific research cooperation and educational exchange with Russia, to further improve the international reputation and influence of USTC.



 Background introduction: 

In May, 2013, the cooperation mechanism of Sino-Russian “Yangtze River-the Volga” was officially started, mainly emphasizing on promoting the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange of the two regions. 

The Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” is a supporting activity affiliated to the Cooperation Council of Sino-Russian “Yangtze River-the Volga”. The 4th Sino-Russian Youth Forum of “Yangtze River-the Volga” will be held in Anhui from June 6th to 17th of this year. Besides USTC, totally six universities in Anhui will participate in this activity. The ceremony was led by the Russian delegation, Education Department of Anhui Province, Foreign Affairs Office and many other units where the secretary of USTC, Mr. Xu Wu and school leaders of other four executive universities for the forum were present.

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